What is a signature maker?

July 22, 2011 at 20:31



A signature maker is an online application or downloadable software that can assist users in creating an electronic signature. A digital signature is the electronic version of the signature of the user that can be affixed at the end of an online or email communication. Generally, all email softwares have the ability to create, maintain and affix signatures on every email that goes out of the inbox. But, these signatures are basic versions consisting of regulation characters and fonts that are common for all the people who use the same email client. So, it is possible that the same signature or the pattern can be repeated many times, by many different people. This does not offer exclusivity of use or uniqueness of the signature to the people. To overcome this problem, people can use a signature maker to create unique and individual signatures.

Electronic signatures also offer a level of authenticity to all the communications that happen via the internet. Digital communication is a way of life and its usage will only increase in the coming years. In this publicly accessible realm, it is important for individuals and businesses to maintain authenticity of correspondence. The clients must be assured that the correspondences that they receive from the businesses are genuine and authentic. And the business entities will also need to safeguard their interests by confirming the validity of the clients and their communications. Signature maker can exclusive-ize the electronic signatures and help users establish authenticity via the means of specialized and unique signatures.

Signature maker applications are easy to use and provide a wide range of electronic signature options to the users. A simple signature can contain a combination of different fonts, colors and images. These are easy to create and offer some percentage of uniqueness to the user. Complex and “not so easy to duplicate” electronic signatures can contain scanned images, hand written signs, images, characters, etc. These electronic signatures not only offer exclusivity, they are also very difficult to duplicate. The complex signatures are generally accepted as a measure of authenticity off communication. For critical and confidential information, there might be a need for further confirmation of the authenticity of source and information. For this purpose, individuals and businesses can approach specialized third party verifiers who can affix their stamp of approval on the electronic signature. The signature maker is an effective way to create and maintain the electronic signature, which is an important communication tool in the modern day world.

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