The advantages of an electronic signature made with a sign maker

August 19, 2011 at 20:32



Using an electronic signature is the modern interpretation of professionalism in electronic communication. Apart from announcing the details of the sender of communications, a properly designed signature can also manage to convey much more information to the receivers. The professional design and efficient display of all the information can be made possible only if the signature is designed and created by an expert. Unfortunately, professional experts may be too costly for regular business entities and the easier and in fact the better alternative would be the usage of a sign maker for creation of the digital signature. Listed below are the three most important messages that an electronic signature must convey and how a sign maker can help achieve it.

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Uniqueness and personalization: Every individual and business entity has its own uniqueness. In the traditional mode of communication, this uniqueness can be established by the physical signature and the seal and stamp of the organization. With electronic communication, it becomes difficult to establish this with typed characters. A sing maker can help in the design of an exclusive signature that brings out the uniqueness of the individual or the business entity. Apart from this a sign maker can also help in establishing the identity of thee individual by incorporating names, designations, contact details, etc. Additional embellishments, which can look out of place on a communication document, can also be seamlessly incorporated onto the electronic signature format by the sigh maker.

Professionalism and standardization: A sign of professionalism of the organization can be represented by the uniformity of signature formats for all the representatives of the company. It does not look good if the same individual or representatives of the same organization use different formats and version of the electronic signature. At the same time, individual’s details like name, contacts, etc have to be personalized. It is difficult to create and maintain every signature separately, without compromising the uniformity of design and incorporating changes. A sign maker can do that job with ease. It gives the users flexibility of changes in information at the same time, offers standardization of format.

Advertisement: Digital signatures are no longer messengers of individual or business identities; they have evolved into highly targeted modes of advertisement and propaganda. Information like product descriptions, exclusive offers, links to websites/blogs; sales pages, etc. are added onto it and can also be a source of revenue and business development. This information cannot be added in a haphazard manner. They have to be integrated into the design of the signature and a sign maker can accomplish this. This information is also likely to change periodically and the sign maker is flexible and adaptable to changes without compromising on the overall structure.

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